We have this big wood-fired oven for our bread, and at some point we have to fire it, which takes a few hours a day. During this time (~1130-1400 or so) we can make PIZZA!

Our pizza dough is naturally fermented overnight (or longer) with a combination of white, spelt, and Kamut flours, and then topped and baked at a hearth temperature of 700-800F. The crusts will be somewhere in between Neapolitan wood-fired style and traditional New York coal-fired style (and quite different from either modern NY pizza or oily Detroit-style pan pizza).

Feel free to suggest topping combinations!

Many of you may know our parents’/in-laws’ business Integrity Foods for their wood-fired pizza, which you should go check out on a summer weekend this summer: . Their pizzas are made with a 100% spelt crust and are delicious in a wonderfully different way than ours.