We offer strong drip coffee from local roasters. Flatland Coffee’s North 40 Blend, which is a bit lighter and more aromatic, but not so acidic as to make you say, “Oh, look at those silly hipsters and their unreasonably light roasts…”

We also carry a variety of loose-leaf teas and infusions from Tea Time family tea merchants in North Vancouver, which we’ll happily put in a roomy filter bag and brew for you.

We’re also licensed now, so you can enjoy a local beer from Half Pints or a variety of smaller Manitoba guest breweries with your pizza, or pair a barley sandwich with your hummus and roasted beet sandwich.

VERY NEW AND EXCITING: we have an espresso machine now! That means espressos, cortados, cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, and such lovely beverages, all made with Flatland Coffee Roasters’ Rogue Wave blend.