Things we care about:

We want our bakery to be HOSPITABLE

That’s why we have plants, big windows, lots of places to sit, and an open kitchen so we can interact and teach you more than you really want to know about bread. We hope our cafe can be a good place for community events and slightly-larger-than-house concerts.

Our products are HAND-MADE

… partly because machines don’t do well with our high-hydration doughs!

… and also because shaping bread is fun, and we’d rather have humans do it

… who are paid well, receive benefits, and are mostly literally part of our family

Basically we want to be like these guys, but for bread.

Our products are HEALTHY without compromise

This means that we can use baking science, care, love, and time to provide you with whole-grain breads, pastries, muffins, and cookies that aren’t a chore to eat. Spelt flour in particular makes amazing cinnamon rolls and muffins that don’t taste bitter like wheat bran. Click through the menu to the left to learn more about our baking!

We have access to white flour as well for some things, but we’ll at least give you the option.

Of course, a whole-grain spelt croissant is still a croissant. But we’ll use really good butter!

We’re also working on vegan pastry recipes for vegans and others who just really like coconut oil.

Our ingredients are LOCAL

We like supporting small farmers and other small businesses. We won’t be able to provide quite the level of detail in the video below, but it will give you an idea of our apirations.

St. Hildegard of Bingen

You can read all about her HERE, but we find her particularly inspiring because of her prescription for spelt as a healthy, nutritious, “warming” grain. She also started monasteries, wrote some of the earliest extant earliest religious texts, scientific writing, and music by a woman, and was canonized a few years ago. We couldn’t think of anyone better after whom to name a bakery like ours.