You are always welcome to submit a resume to workhere at hildegardsbakery dot ca if you think you might be a good fit here, regardless of what specific job postings we have up, or stop by the bakery to chat and drop off a paper copy.

We’re always reading resumes that come in, and we’ll get in touch if you seem like a good fit for an upcoming opening.

The broad areas for which we are often hiring include, *for example*:

CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF (both locations, various hours available)
– Some retail service experience is preferred
– Some kitchen prep/line skills are helpful
– Friendly and enthusiastic
– Able to teach and learn effectively from others
– Team-oriented, strong problem solver, multitasker.
– Excellent communication skills
– A positive and helpful attitude
– Working with delivery service tablets is an asset

DISHWASHERS (Portage location, casual hours)

KITCHEN/PIZZA STAFF (Portage location, various hours)

BAKING STAFF (both locations)
General qualifications:
– Commercial bread or pastry experience is very helpful, particularly with sourdough
– Professional baking training or education is very helpful
– Able to learn effectively from others, and teach when required
– Team-oriented, strong problem solver, multitasker
– Excellent communication skills
– A positive and helpful attitude