We have this big wood-fired oven for our bread, and at some point we have to fire it, which takes at least a few hours a day, so we might as well make pizza while we’re at it.

Pizza hours this are Friday and Saturday, 11:30AM-7:30PM. Order delivery here or call us to order ahead for pick-up. Fresh for dine-in is best, of course, and we’re licensed.

Our pizza dough is naturally fermented overnight (or longer) with a combination of organic white flour and organic fresh-milled Kamut semolina, then tossed, topped, and baked with live fire at a hearth temperature of about 600-650F. The crusts are somewhere in between Neapolitan wood-fired style, New Haven apizza, and traditional New York coal-fired style, but with a mild sourdough tang. It’s really hard to go back to yeast pizza dough after getting used to this stuff. We aim for a bubbly, lightly charred cornicione and thin, but not too floppy, leopard-spotted undercarriage that benefits from a slight fold for support.

We use locally made Bothwell and Chaeban Artisan cheeses (except for the imported Parmiggiano-Reggiano) and exclusively source local grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, along with local farm-direct veggies when seasonally appropriate.

We also do vegan pizza! We make our own melty, non-plasticky cashew-based mozza and a spicy gluten-based seitan pepperoni.

Check the Instagram feed (mirrored on our homepage, no need for an Instagram account) for pizza specials and menu updates.