Delivery Options

Home Grocery Delivery

We offer home delivery of bread, pastry, frozen grocery items, and really anything you can buy at the bakery besides hot food. If you want pizza, see “Pizza Delivery” below. Deliveries can go out any of Monday through Friday.
Please PHONE with your order TWO business days ahead and we’ll take your payment and delivery information for our couriers. We recommend phoning in the morning so we can confirm larger quantities with baking staff on the spot. We may need to call you back later if it’s really busy or your order is complicated in some way. You can order Monday for Wednesday, or Thursday for Monday, or Friday for Tuesday, and so on — it’s just like placing an order for pick-up, except it shows up at your door instead. We might be able to send out smaller next-day orders for delivery, but please try to stick to the two days so we can plan properly. Not everything is available every day, and we may need an extra day for some very large bread orders. Check out out our online menu for inspiration and baking schedules, or we can answer any of your questions over the phone when you order.
Minimum $50 total, although if your math is slightly off that’s okay, and we charge $10 for delivery anywhere in Winnipeg.

Pizza Delivery On Demand

Fulfilled by DoorDash or SkipTheDishes
If you’re looking to get a hot meal delivered, order during pizza hours HERE. (We have delivery disabled when we’re not doing pizza, although you can order ahead during off hours.) Your food will be delivered by a DoorDash driver, but we don’t pay huge percentage-based commissions to DoorDash if you order through *our* website rather than by searching for us on *their* website. Thanks for helping support your local restaurants!

You can also find us on SkipTheDishes, also only during pizza hours, but we pay much higher commission that way.